IT Ellipsis Client How


War for talent is far from over and we are here to alliance with you to win. We source exceptional talent and enable you to hire great people, when you need them.

To improve your experience, we have streamlined our process every step of the way and connect you with talent from application stage all the way through to on-boarding.

Through nurturing talent through our networks we seek out talent that will be bet fit for your business needs. We match you with only those that best meet your skills and experience recruitment and culture.



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1. Register

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll get busy matching your requirement to real-time talent. Any applicant suitable for your opportunities will be informed about your roles in their list of matches.

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2. Request for contact details

Sourcing team identify candidate profiles that meet your requirement and allocate them to your opportunities. You request for contact details for those you wish to engage with further.

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3. Engage with Candidates

Candidates who are interested in learning more about your opportunity accept your request and their contact details are shared with you. You follow up with them, to funnel them in your interview process.

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4. Make an offer

Once you are satisfied with their suitability you make them an offer. We manage the process to ensure they on-board with you seamlessly.